Music for Theater by Scott Munson

“The Diamond Eater”

About the Play

Germany.  1945.

Oberschaarfuhrer Dietz, Sr. Squad Leader of the camp, considers himself the raw material of a brilliant and prescient scientific mind.  And it’s true.  His question on this day: “Can a Gypsy’s kidney be transplanted into a Jew and the Jew survive?”  Good thing for Dietz he has plenty of Gypsies and plenty of Jews for experimentation.  Now, all he has to do is find a qualified Jew to do the surgery he has in mind. Who knew he would choose a ‘patient’ with a strong taste for freedom? (The first successful transplant was accomplished in 1954; Dietz was, in fact, prescient.  And this is a true story.)

Written by Carrie Robbins
Avraham Millstein played by Eric Kuttner
Music by Scott Munson
Based on a true story as told to R.D. Robbins, MD



About the Play

A Northern Field Hospital in Virginia. 1862.

Field medicine was primitive and the Germ Theory of Disease wasn’t the standard knowledge it is today. What Dr. Cuttaridge knows is that one out of every two men in his care died from something unknown. What hospital Steward Sgt. MacElwain knows is that medical supplies are extremely limited and hard to replace, and that wasting time or medicine on the enemy is nuts. Then, Jebidiah Wall, a freeman brings in a 16-year-old Rebel kid needing an amputation–FAST. Inexplicably, the surgeon thinks the operation should be done.

Written by Carrie Robbins
Based on True Stories by RDRobbins MD
Original Music Composed by Scott Munson
(Winner: New York Innovative Theatre Award, 2014, For Outstanding Original Music)
Performed by Scott Munson
Letter from Mary-Ida Ballou, Iowa, 1866
read by Jenne Vath
(Nominated: New York Innovative Theatre Award For Outstanding Actress in a Featured Role)
Presented at HERE Arts Center, May-June, 2014 as part of a 2-hander: