What the Press said about Scott’s Music

“..one of the most moving musical moments in memory.” – LA Times

“The eerily beautiful sounds cascade and twist though the air, sounding like the precise halfway point between the music of the spheres and a human sob.” – The Boston Globe

“…amply melodic, entertainingly athletic solo lines.” – NY Times

“…an eerie, unearthly and beautiful melody…” –  MSN Movies

“In one of Mr. Mapother’s surprising turns, he plays a soul-filling solo on a musical saw.” – Wall Street Journal

“The…eerie spiritual sound evokes a Gregorian chant.” – Bloomberg News

“They…fall in love a bit hastily following a private concert…The melody he plays is eerily spot-on…” www.FilmCritic.com

“…the real draw here was a pair of works by Scott Munson” – NY Times

“…a haunting melody…” – Montgomery News

“…a keening piece…” – Houston Chronicle

“… a stunning piece of music…” – www.cine-vue.com

“One of the most interesting songs in the movie…” – www.squidoo.com