The song ‘Another Earth’ by Scott Munson (in the Fox Searchlight film ‘Another Earth’) for musical saw has been getting some nice reviews:

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“..a heartbreaking solo with a bow and an old-fashioned handsaw becomes one of the most moving musical moments in memory.”
LA Times

“..the most resonant scene is the one…(with)…a musical saw. The eerily beautiful sounds cascade and twist though the air, sounding like the precise halfway point between the music of the spheres and a human sob.”
The Boston Globe

“In one of Mr. Mapother’s surprising turns, he plays a soul-filling solo on a musical saw.”
Wall Street Journal

“The movie includes a couple of unforgettable scenes. One takes place in a college classroom, where John plays a saw whose eerie spiritual sound evokes a Gregorian chant.”

Bloomberg News

“…an eerie, unearthly and beautiful melody…”
MSN Movies

“…a keening piece for musical saw.”
Houston Chronicle

“A scene in which the professor coaxes almost human voices from a musical saw is stirring”
Memphis Commercial Appeal

“They…fall in love a bit hastily following a private concert in which John plays a piece on a musical saw for her. The melody he plays is eerily spot-on…”

“… a stunning piece of music…”

“One of the most interesting songs in the movie…”

“…a haunting melody…”
Montgomery News

Listen to “Another Earth” for musical saw. From the film “Another Earth”, performed by Natalia ‘Saw Lady’ Paruz.
Buy the MP3! “Another Earth” from the film “Another Earth”

A piece of music by Scott Munson made it into the soundtrack of Another Earth, one of the hottest films at the Sundance Film Festival this year. The film received a standing ovation and was picked up by Fox Searchlight Pictures for International distribution. In addition ‘Another Earth’ received the Sloan Prize as well as winning a Special Jury Prize for the U.S. Dramatic Competition at Sundance.

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“…One of the most acclaimed movies to premier at the Sundance Film Festival  last week has additional music composed by Astoria composer Scott Munson. The  movie, ‘Another Earth’ by director Mike Cahill, won the  acclaimed Alfred P. Sloan Prize at Sundance Film Festival, “presented  to an outstanding feature film focusing on science or technology as a  theme” (, and was one of four films to be picked up for distribution by Fox Searchlight  (  a scene in this movie the main character, a renowned composer named  John (William Mapother) plays the musical saw. On the soundtrack we hear  the playing of Astoria’s Natalia Paruz (aka the ‘Saw Lady’), who was also the actor’s coach, teaching him how to act as if he was playing the saw…”Congrats!