Need Music for your No Budget or Low Budget Film or TV Project?

Need a film or TV score but lacking the funds? No problem? I can write for you a custom tailored high quality film score for free! (of course if you have a budget for music, that’s great to!)

If your film makes it to international film festivals and/or to cable or streaming (Netflix etc), then I get paid ASCAP royalties. ASCAP royalties ARE NOT paid by you, ever, but by the venue screening your film, whether it’s a theater or a cable network. Most of the major international theaters (not domestic, sadly), worldwide cable broadcasters as well as other venues already have an ASCAP or BMI license, a yearly license they purchase for the right to broadcast music written by it’s members. Music used in a film screened at such a venue is listed on a CUE sheet which is then submitted to the PRO (Performing Rights Organization, such as ASCAP or BMI) and royalties are distributed accordingly. So whether the film being shown contains music by John Williams or by me the royalty payment is the same, the only difference being how many times and where the film is shown (some networks pay better royalty rate then others, IE: PBS versus HBO for instance).